1) Artworks on this page are all available for sale. AT A SPECIAL PRICE
2) Once a band or someone has purchased a design, it can't be bought anymore.
If it's already sold, when clicking on the BUY NOW button, it will say "TOO LATE! ALREADY SOLD".
3) Paypal is used for all transactions (you can use your credit card, no need to have a paypal account)
4) If you have any questions, email me first : headsplitdesign@gmail.com
5) I'm only selling my designs, I don't sell shirts and I don't print them.
6) Please read my terms & conditions : www.headsplitdesign.fr/terms.htm
and my FAQ : www.headsplitdesign.fr/faq.htm
7) Designs can't be reserved or put "on hold", first come, first served :)
8) These designs are older designs that I'm selling for a lower price.
9) Shirt designs can be resized and used as CD covers if needed for an extra fee: 45 euros.
10) Absolutely NO MODIFICATIONS on these designs.
11) Logo will be added ONLY after purchase.
12) I do commissioned work of course (that's what I do most of the time)
Contact & Paypal adress : headsplitdesign@gmail.com
13) Prices are subject to change without notice (based on currency exchange)
14) Don't haggle.
LAST UPDATED july 16th 2018
SOLD "FAITH JUGGLER" shirt design - 4 colors
  Price : 120  105 euros

SOLD !! "ENLIST" 3 color shirt designSOLD
  Price : 120  105 euros

  SOLD !!

"HTERAZAN" - 2 color shirt design SOLD
Price : 120  105 euros  
"DEVISER" - 1 color shirt design SOLD !!
Price : 120  105 euros  
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